Hong Kong Air Cargo won the Hangzhou Airport Hub Contribution Award

The 2018 Hangzhou Airport Joint Conference was held in Hangzhou on February 7, 2018. The conference was hosted by Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Co., Ltd., and the participating institutions included Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Government, provincial and municipal port offices, Zhejiang Civil Aviation Supervision Bureau, Airport Administration of the Provincial Department of Transportation, Airport Committee, resident agencies, airlines, etc.

During the meeting, the Hangzhou Airport Safety Management Committee, Service Quality Promotion Committee, Operation Management Committee and Cultural Construction Committee reviewed and selected the 2017 Hangzhou Airport Award Winners.

Hong Kong Air Cargo won the 2017 Hub Contribution Award for its service-oriented, continuous innovation, market proactive development and safe operation. Our company has been praised by leaders at all levels of Hangzhou Airport and affirmed by various cooperative departments, and we also hope that our company can further strengthen the logistics industry in Hangzhou, become the capital of express delivery, and increase the import and export volume year by year, becoming the cornerstone of Hangzhou’s international import and export freight volume.

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