Hong Kong Air Cargo launched direct freight flights to Chicago, USA

Commencing on 13 September 2017, Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier Limited (“HKC”) operates direct freight flight services between Hangzhou, China and Chicago, USA, further expanding our network in North America. This first destination in North America of HKC will be served by Boeing 747-400 wide-body cargo aircraft which leased from Atlas Air, Inc., USA.

The city of Chicago locates in the heart of north American continent which is considered as second largest business central area of USA, also known as the domestic hub of railway and aviation transportation in USA. Chicago is one of the most important culture and science education center all over the world. During the initial launching period, three flights per week between Hangzhou and Chicago are expected to contribute 20,000 tons of international cargo and mail traffic volume per year to the airport of Hangzhou. The cargo delivered mainly contains high-tech electronical products especially for mobile phones and computers, others such as garments, clothing products, devices, parts and accessories and daily commodities, etc. The inaugural flight is well reserved with 80 tons of payload so far.

Mr. Zhong Guosong, the Chairman cum CEO of Hong Kong Air Cargo, said, “We are excited to set up the first destination in the continental United States to further expand our international freight market. The launch of Chicago route will further expand our existing Eurasian routes to North America, which cargo transportation spends only 15 hours from Hangzhou, China to Chicago, USA, thus providing more unimpeded freight channel between China and North America and promoting the economy and trade development between China and USA as well. It will also serve to promote Hong Kong Air Cargo’s brand image and high-efficiency in service to more parts of the world.”

The freight flight schedule of HKC for the Chicago, USA route is as follows* (All Times Local):

Flight No.

Route Departure/Arrival Time Frequency


Hangzhou to Chicago 0530/0820+1 Every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday




Chicago to Hangzhou


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday



* Flight number and schedule may change without prior notice

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