Hong Kong Air Cargo Collaborates with Evergreen Air Cargo

Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier Ltd paid a formal visit to Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation in Taipei last month to discuss future cargo business opportunities.

The Hong Kong Air Cargo (HKC) delegation led by Chairman, Mr. James YU met with Mr. LIN Zhencai, President of Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation (EGAC) and his management team to formally introduce HKC to the team. Presentations from both HKC and EGAC included the history of the individual companies, present business, planning and development strategies. Both companies agreed that the meeting was useful and are eager to continue the collaboration at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Mr. James YU, Chairman of Hong Kong Air Cargo said, “We are greatly satisfied with the outcome of our meeting with Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation. We are confident that together both companies can enhance and develop the cargo business between the two cities. We look forward to a fruitful relationship”.

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